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FI Lessons From Media – The Gina Linetti Guide to FI (Brooklyn Nine Nine)

Jake and Gina discuss their finances in <em>The Apartment</em>
Jake and Gina discuss their finances in The Apartment

The FI community doesn’t encourage a lot of TV and movie watching (remember one of the pillars of FI is cutting cable). However, I find there are some ways that entertainment can explain the concepts of FI pretty well. The Escape Artist’s top 10 tv shows on financial independence did something like this before and has served partially as inspiration for this series. With that, we started a series of posts that highlights those examples, which we’re calling FI Lessons from the Media.


Brooklyn Nine Nine depicts the antics of a fictional New York City police precinct (affectionately nicknamed the Nine Nine). We mainly follow Jake Peralta, one of the best detectives at the Nine Nine, but shown to be immature personally and professionally. Gina Linetti, a childhood friend, serves as the eccentric personal assistant to the precinct’s captain after Jake had gotten her a job there (fun fact: both the actors who play Jake and Gina, Andy Samberg and Chelsea Peritti, also grew up together). As the show progresses, Jake grows increasingly more mature, but not without learning some important lessons first as this early episode below shows.