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How Moving to Another Country Changed Got Me on the Path to FI

I’ve been thinking about how I got into Financial Independence and why I decided to pursue it. I think part of it was actually moving to London for a short time. Why was that? Well I wanted to write about that how I became more into FI.

Less Stuff

When I moved, I didn’t bring a lot of things I had accumulated like my books, my electronics, and a few other things I couldn’t take across the ocean. By doing this, I realized I didn’t need nearly as many of the things I had accumulated over the years to live a good life. Granted I did miss a few things I grown accustomed to, but I also learned ways I could get around it.

Started Watching Less TV

Britain requires a TV license to watch live TV, which is essentially a tax I didn’t want to pay. So no TV meant, I had to rely on other things for entertainment. Good thing was London has a bunch of free things to check out like museums, but also there’s plenty of good stuff on podcasts, YouTube, and the Library. Not having a TV meant I ended up reading more as well, and some how I stumbled onto FI with the reading.

Relearning Old Tricks

My parents had been big on teaching me all sorts of things about frugality like air drying my clothes and picking up used items. Somehow I had forgotten about doing things like that, probably due to the inconvenience at times. Stores were easier to get to in the States with my car and the dryers ran better in the states. However, living in Europe without those luxuries forced me to relearn how to appreciate what my parents did before. I may do a blog post on my parents lessons in the future (and what I had to unlearn from them as well).

The Urge to Meet Folks

Not knowing anyone made me want to find community. So then I joined some Financial Independence groups on Facebook. Not only that, but talking more about FI made me want to share it more and more about it with people.

What made you guys want to pursue FI? Did a move or a life change alter your outlook on money? Let us know in the comments below.

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