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corey wearing a hatHi, I’m Corey and I am one half of The FI Guys (the less cool half… Seriously Allen is way cooler).

I was born, raised, and attended college in Rhode Island. After getting my degree in computer science, I moved to Boston with my girlfriend (now my wife) and immediately went to work for a tech company as a software engineer. My pursuit of frugal living then led me to uproot my life and move to Columbus, OH, where I now reside and work comfortably from my home office as a DevOps Engineer.

I first became interested in financial independence while working at my first internship for a tech startup. I was not fully aware of financial independence at the time, I just knew that I was unhappy with my situation and wanted to find a way out. This kickstarted my investing education, where I studied the investing habits of Warren Buffet, Benjamin Graham, and other famous value investors. Eventually, this led to my discovery of financial independence and frugal living.

Something was missing, though. As I learned more about FI, I could not find anybody documenting their journey in real-time. Sure, there are loads of blogs on FI with some absolutely incredible information – but I was looking for something more personal. I wanted to be taken through someone’s journey to FI.

My writing here will be mainly about my journey to FI – from nothing to freedom. I want my journey to inspire you make the  necessary changes in your life to become financially free. I am pressing full steam ahead and want you to join me. Don’t miss out!